Making cost efficient Buys for your Horses

Polo is a wonderful sport to take part in. It is additionally a pricey sport to participate in in. This is because of the fact that both you and the horse require a variety of items in order to play the game safely and comfortably. Many equestrian outlets or online stores have a good range of polo gear available but it is also worth looking out for equestrian clearance outlets who may also have what you should want for, and at perhaps a more affordable price.

Polo equipment for the horse is actually clear-cut and some of it is personalized preference rather than a obligatory requirement. Your pony may require, or be more comfortable in shock absorbing skid footwear as an illustration. What your horse will be equestrian stores uk needing is either web link a Pelham bit or a gag bit. This is because polo is played with the horse being held by dual reins. This allows for superior accuracy of movement. Obviously a saddle is required and in polo this tends to be one of the close contact style. It will have a flat seat and no knee support. Your pony will also require wraps below the knee to the fetlock in order to avoid injuries.

The polo player has a much more to take into consideration. Naturally there is the garments needed to symbolize your squad. Yet there are also an array of other things. Spurs and spur straps, polo boots and knee support. Players wear a polo belt and gloves with a long or short cuff. It is advisable to use a mouth guard as with any contact outdoor activity and to have wrist support too. Headwear is the required polo helmet which may or may not have an attached face guard. In relation to its playing the sport itself you'll clearly should try to purchase both a polo mallet and polo balls.

Polo could be played indoor and outdoor. The indoor variation is regarded as arena polo and it is a more affordable alternative with a lesser number of requirements. Whichever mode of polo you are looking at you need to make sure you and your horse are properly protected in order to make the best of the sport.


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